Just a few testimonials from some of our amazing customers.

My daughter loves it, she struggled the first couple of lessons as she found it hard to get both feet on board but with the help and time spent from a great teacher including letting her stand on his fingers to get her foot in the right place she now is confident and whizzing all over!! friendly atmosphere with a great teacher definitely worth the money. 🙂

Laura Valvona

Johns lessons are great fun for all ages and abilities. He is an excellent teacher with masses of experience and patience. His passion for what he does creates a safe, fun and friendly environment to learn in.

Matt Hingert

Its an absolute joy seeing the kids at Skate Club improve each session. They have such a huge amount of fun whilst getting some exercise, learning key skills of balance and co-ordination, perseverance and team work. John instills confidence in them which follows on outside of the lessons. The children make it look easy, but the growing number of us adults taking up lessons too shows that you can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’…well John Cattle can any way!

Zoe Thompson

What an awesome party!! None of the boys could skate at the start, all were a little nervous! By the end of the lesson they were doing ramps and feeling like they’d conquered mountains!! The facilities were great to use for doing party food, with plenty of space for the kids to sit and eat, drink and relax! The buzzing continued when John gave them a demo, the boys thought it was the best thing they’d ever seen! (It was pretty exciting for the adults too) with lots of whooping and cheering!! They were all so excited and pumped it was hard to pull them away at the end. John’s a great and patient teacher who made all the kids feel able and included! Thank you so much 🙂

Suzy Pike

I just can not praise skate club highly enough. My daughter is autistic and can find new activities really challenging. John has inspired her and filled her with confidence, and skate club is now the high point of her week. The way John interacts with the kids is amazing; he is patient, knowledgable and totally unflappable, and seems to know exactly how to get the best out of each of them. We are so lucky to have this facility on the Island!

Sara Watson

My niece and nephew are holiday on the island and John and Wight Trash have supplied them with amazing boards and the best fun ever at skate club. They are now obsessed with skateboarding and he has given them a holiday they will never forget. He is an amazing intuitive teacher who has given them the confidence to enjoy their boards. Thank you John!

Jean Farnan

John is awesome with all ages. Helped my 16 year old to rip. Taught my 5 year old to skate ramps and inspired a mum to gave a go after too many years just watching! Cheers John you’re a star.

Coral Giblin

Just had our son Dylan’s 6th birthday party, it was brilliant, all the children with a varied age of 4 to 14, really enjoyed themselves, learning to ride the skateboard, it’s great to have a kitchen there, the highlight of the party was John doing his tricks skateboarding over 7 skateboards, AWSOME, we will see you same time next year, highly recommended!!! Thanks John…!!

Tina Louise Hayman

Amazingly supportive skate club.. My daughter was a nervous 7 year old and is now a far more confident and tough 8 year old. John has a real skill with supporting kids and encouraging them to be a bit braver and try something new. Amazing community spirit and providing a safe engaging space for youngsters to learn new skills. Great job!

Katy Harwood